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Michigan Business Courts in Full Swing

September 1, 2013 marked a new day for the business world and Michigan state law.  The Michigan Public Act 333 of 2012 now requires that every county with at least three Circuit Judges establish a Business Court. The purpose behind the new court system is to improve efficiency, allow for business disputes to be resolved with expertise and to enhance the accuracy, consistency and predictability of decisions in business and commercial arenas. 

One of the heavily-disputed areas that the new Business Courts are addressing is proper jurisdiction over the claim. A claim can be assigned to the Court it arises from a business or commercial dispute. A business or commercial dispute means that one or more parties are a business enterprise and the other party (parties) has a natural business relationship with the business entity.  Claims that are brought must be arise from normal business or commercial actions.  Business actions such as product liability, personal injury, landlord –tenant matters involving residential properly, employment discrimination, or workers compensation claims are examples of claims that Business Courts will not have jurisdiction over. If there is not a Business Court established in your county you can participate in a blind-drawing that will assign you to a Business Court.

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