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Crowdfunding: When securities are purchased pursuant to the crowdfunding provision of the JOBS Act, are they transferable?

Investors cannot transfer securities purchased pursuant to the crowdfunding provision of the JOBS Act for 1 year beginning with the date of purchase. There are exceptions to this 1 year restriction for transfers:

(i) to the issuer,

(ii) in a registered offering;

(iii) to accredited investors;

(iv) certain family members; or

(v) as may be limited by the SEC when it promulgates rules under the JOBS Act.

DISCLAIMER: The adoption of the JOBS Act has raised many questions and issues related to Crowdfunding; these Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) are intended to provide clarification. The information below does not take the place of legal advice. To protect against undesired and unintended consequences, one should consult with competent legal advisors.

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