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Pierangeli, Riemland, and Slough appointed County Public Administrators

On April 1, 2013, Michigan Attorney General Bill Schuette appointed Scott Pierangeli, Jim Riemland, and Paul Slough to serve as public administrators. Pierangeli will serve in Kalamazoo County, Riemland will serve in Berrien County, and Slough will serve inOtsego County.

The County Public Administrator has oversight responsibilities in deceased estate probate matters where there are no heirs or unknown heirs and no will. State law defines who is considered an heir. If a person dies and has no living relatives and leaves no will, then the County Public Administrator is appointed by the county probate judge to be the personal representative of the estate. The County Public Administrator ensures all bills are paid and the remaining estate assets are sent to the State of Michigan. The County Public Administrator acts as a fiduciary to ensure unclaimed estate assets properly go to the State Treasurer on behalf of the people of the State of Michigan.

According to Michigan statute, the Attorney General is responsible for appointing county public administrators.

Pat Gallagher has been serving Ingham County as a public administrator since 2008.

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