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Attorney Pat Gallagher Featured for Expert Testimony

Attorney Pat Gallagher was recently featured on the National Association of Legal Fee Analysis' (NALFA) blog for his expert testimony on reasonable attorney fees. Check out the excerpt below:

"Pat Gallagher is a member of NALFA's Attorney Fee Practice Group. Mr. Gallagher is a qualifed national attorney fee expert. He has provided expert opinion testimony as to the reasonableness of attorney fees in various litigation matters, including commerical loan enforcement, employment disputes, negligence and estate adminstration.

He has served as an expert for fee claimants, fee respondents, fiduciaries and attorneys. Pat has helped companies develop policies for counsel counsel retention and billing guidelines. Pat also mediates and arbitrates attorney fee disputes and is a facilitative mediator authorized by more than 32 District, Civil and Probate Courts. The following are cases where Pat has served as an expert witness:

Bank v. Borrower (Ingham County, Michigan Circuit Court) Expert opinion on behalf of Bank (testified by affidavit) regarding reasonable attorney fees owed to Bank by Borrower pursuant to contract provisions contained in documents associated with a $9,300,000 loan. The Court accepted Gallagher’s opinion that Bank was owed attorney fees in the reasonable amount of $247,121.50.

Estate of Deceased (Eaton County, Michigan Probate Court) - Expert Opinion testimony on behalf of personal representative of decedent’s estate at an evidentiary hearing re the reasonableness of personal representative’s fiduciary fees and the reasonableness of attorney fees incurred by counsel retained by the personal representative. The Court accepted Gallagher’s opinion as to the reasonableness of both (1) attorney fees in the amount of $20,965.63 and (2) personal representative’s fiduciary fees in the amount of $14,557.66."

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The commitment to their clients and their knowledge of real estate law led us to retain The Gallagher Law Firm as claims counsel for First American Title. They have resolved numerous claims on behalf of First American Title and its insureds, and have…”
– L. Geherin, First American Title Insurance Company

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