Revocable Living Trusts

Careful planning can help avoid the countless legal problems and family disputes that can occur upon the death of a loved one. At the Gallagher Law Firm, our Michigan estate planning attorneys have extensive experience working with the varied legal tools available to transfer the assets of an individual at the time of death or during his or her lifetime. The establishment of a revocable living trust is one such tool that can help to expedite the process of transferring assets to your beneficiaries and to avoid probate upon death.

A revocable living trust is established during your lifetime and dictates the way in which assets and property will be handled before and after your passing. It can also specify how your property will be managed if you become disabled. Because it is revocable, the trust can be modified at any point during your lifetime.

Our estate planning lawyers collaborate closely with our clients to achieve the goals they have in mind and do so in a way that avoids probate, will contests, and harsh tax consequences. Our estate planning attorneys are skilled at counseling clients through the process of creating a trust and in drafting sound documents, ensuring that the transaction is as smooth and pleasant as possible for families and loved ones. We have experience representing clients and families from varied backgrounds, including those with modest assets to those with sizeable estates.

At the Gallagher Law Firm, our estate planning attorneys and staff possess the skill, professionalism, and sensitivity needed to help individuals plan for the effective transfer of their estate upon death. Contact the Gallagher Law Firm today to schedule a consultation with one of our experienced estate planning attorneys.