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Oil & Gas Law

At the Gallagher Law Firm, we provide both individual and corporate clients with oil and gas representation in all phases of exploration and production. We have substantial expertise in the following areas:

  • The Michigan Dormant Mineral Act
  • Minerals and Royalty Assignment, Deed, and Transfer
  • Mineral Mortgages
  • Mines & Minerals Act
  • Negotiating Oil & Gas Leases
  • Part 615 of the Natural Resources and Environmental Protection Act/Supervisor of Wells Act
  • Supervisor of Wells Petitions

Oil and Gas related disputes often include a broad spectrum of issues including pipeline disputes, royalty disputes, adverse possession claims, pooling disputes, contractor claims, drilling disputes, trespass claims, suits to quiet title, leasing disputes, and estate planning related issues. At the Gallagher Law Firm, we are prepared to assist you in all of these areas and more. Some of the additional services we provide to our oil and gas clients include:

  • Representation before the Michigan Department of Environmental Quality, Supervisor of Wells
  • Representation before the Michigan Public Service Commission
  • Representation before the Natural Resources, Forest, Mineral, and Fire Management Division
  • Negotiation of rights of way, storage leases, transportation and storage contracts
  • Oil and Gas asset and corporate acquisitions and sales
  • Litigation relating to all oil, gas, and energy matters
  • Oil and Gas Contract negotiation and preparation
  • Advice and legal opinions on oil and gas leasing, operation, and production issues

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I have had a professional relationship with the Gallagher Law Firm now for several years. The firm was instrumental in the start up and creation of my small business. They were not only easily accessible during all parts of the process but also did a…”
– J. Gretzinger, Michigan Out of Doors T.V.

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