Attorney Craig Gerard's estate planning presentation was great, short, sweet, and simple, with a message of 'Do something rather than nothing' so we can control our estate.

– R. Ellis, GreenStone FCS

I have had a professional relationship with the Gallagher Law Firm now for several years. The firm was instrumental in the start up and creation of my small business. They were not only easily accessible during all parts of the process but also did a great job explaining exactly what was going on. Attorney Craig Gerard is not only a good lawyer, he was more importantly a good person to have on my team. I would highly recommend the Gallagher Law Firm to friends and colleagues.

– J. Gretzinger, Michigan Out of Doors T.V.

I learned of The Gallagher Law Firm working on a small condominium project in 2003. I was impressed with their knowledge regarding condominium laws and their ability to work with the municipality that governed the project.

The Gallagher Law Firm serves both my company and my family with legal support. We are very pleased with the estate planning and trusts established for the principals within our corporation. They also assisted my mother with a property damage claim and won the case for her, including legal fees from the defendant. It is very comforting having a legal firm that can support both business and personal legal issues under one roof.

The service and support from The Gallagher Law firm is nothing short of amazing. The technical staff working at the office respond quickly to time sensitive issues and have a wealth of knowledge to provide. I have always felt confident with their advice and have avoided potential business disasters based on their input.

We recommend The Gallagher Law Firm routinely to our staff, friends, and clients. I have not yet found an issue that they have been unable to support.

– G. Barish, Geodetic Designs

My wife and I just recently went through the Estate Planning process with The Gallagher Law Firm. We found their service to be excellent. They had everything organized and answered all of our questions. They did a very thorough job explaining the options. We came away from the experience feeling like we had everything under control. I highly recommend The Gallagher Law Firm.

– Ken & Gloria O.

As a small business we have truly valued our relationship with The Gallagher Law Firm. They are quick to respond to our questions and provide legal advice in a way that is easy for us to understand. We find a great comfort in knowing we have The Gallagher Law Firm team behind us.

– T. Riehl, KRC Management Association

We recommend The Gallagher Law Firm if you are looking for a group of attorneys that understand the real business world that we all live in. We need a firm that prioritizes our needs for a fast response time as well as giving you solid knowledge that you can trust for the issue at hand-- that firm for us is The Gallagher Law Firm.

– D. Preston, Capital Steel & Wire Inc.

Estate planning was a “must-have” step strongly recommended by my financial planner, even as a young family. They led us through the whole process with ease, answering our questions and clearing up our concerns for the future…My husband and I both were very pleased with the way our trust plan was handled from the initial consultation to the final funding. We would personally recommend using The Gallagher Law Firm’s estate planning services to all individuals and families who are looking to secure their assets and personal wishes for the future.

– Mark & Jennifer G., Lansing, Michigan

As President of the Michigan State Auctioneers Association, I have had the opportunity to work with The Gallagher Law Firm on providing educational opportunities for the auctioneers of the MSAA. I have been impressed with both their knowledge of their client’s situation and the fields in which they specialize. I have witnessed their professionalism and commitment. They understand their role and work hard to make sure their clients’ interests are represented well to achieve the desired outcomes.

– D. Heuker, Miedema Auctioneering Inc.

Several years ago I came into contact with The Gallagher Law Firm through mutual associations in local nonprofit outdoor groups. Through ongoing contact I found them to be professional and very thorough in my dealings with these non profit associations. Based upon these characteristics, I decided to approach the Gallagher Law Firm with regards to a professional relationship with my clientele.

This is one of the best decisions I have made for my clients. The Gallagher Law Firm has been very good to work with, I write this with sincerity. Without hesitation I would continue to recommend the services of The Gallagher Law Firm to my clients, my friends and my family.

– K. Ballard, Raymond James Financial Services

We had the pleasure of seeing The Gallagher Law Firm in action before we needed their services. They were prepared, professional and eager to act on behalf of the client. When we needed help with a complex, controversial issue, we went to The Gallagher Law Firm. As expected, The Gallagher Law Firm was prepared and thorough. The preparation allowed them to achieve our objectives. We would recommend the firm without reservation.

– Attorney D. Anderson

As co-members of our local Landmen’s Association, I had contacted The Gallagher Law Firm to assist me with starting a new business and filing an LLC. Our experience with The Gallagher Law Firm was cordial. They were sincere in looking out for our best interest, explored every possibility and made sound recommendations. The end result was at a very high level of professionalism with prompt response and attention to detail. At such a time as I am in need of an attorney again, I would most certainly return to The Gallagher Law Firm for their expert services.

– R. Shinevar, Michigan Assoc of Petroleum Landmen

Our company uses The Gallagher Law Firm for our business organization and planning, and other miscellaneous business. My family is using their services for estate planning and I have also recommended The Gallagher Law Firm to several friends for purchases and civil litigation matters dealing with real estate. I would recommend the firm for any of your probate, civil litigation, or business matters that you may have before you that need a legal review or opinion.

– J. Smetzer, NuEnergy Operating, Inc.

I have used The Gallagher Law Firm to handle everything from new corporations to battling city ordinances. I have always enjoyed the realistic approach that the firm offers me without always telling me what I want to hear. I will continue to use The Gallagher Law Firm.

– J. Stajos, American Eagle Fireworks

One of the main draws for me is the “one-stop” shop of Gallagher Law Firm. For legal services, I work with people I trust. My previous experiences with other Law firms were as a necessary evil. I don’t believe anyone likes doing business with a firm like you are riding in a cab through the streets of NY. That feeling of “I don’t know where I am going or how much it will cost me to get there” are very uncomfortable for anyone.

ICS does business with The Gallagher Law Firm because I can call the office, discuss the best approach to handle my issue, receive an estimate for the service, and get it done. The process is fast and fair and lets me get back to my business.

I have and will continue to recommend The Gallagher Law Firm to my friends and colleagues.

– K. Orr, ICS Marketing Support Services

The commitment to their clients and their knowledge of real estate law led us to retain The Gallagher Law Firm as claims counsel for First American Title. They have resolved numerous claims on behalf of First American Title and its insureds, and have done so expeditiously and in a cost-efficient manner.

The Gallagher Law Firm has also acted in a consultative role for our National Commercial Services (NCS) division. Their knowledge of the real estate community, its players and customs have helped the NCS department tremendously with business development in Michigan. It is a sincere pleasure to work with professionals and their amazing team at The Gallagher Law Firm.

– L. Geherin, First American Title Insurance Company

I refer all of my corporate clients in need of legal work to The Gallagher Law Firm. I do so knowing that they will be dealt with in a professional and competent manner. All of the feedback I have received from my clients is positive, and they are usually thanking me for sending them! I will continue to use The Gallagher Law Firm for all of my client referrals.

– R.Glover, MTM Bookkeeping & Tax Service