Law Firm Spring (Fall) Cleaning

Fall is almost here, and every firm could use a good spring (fall) cleaning. In his Above the Law article, Brian Tannebaum shares a few tips on how every attorney can get a fresh start for autumn.

"1. If you have an office, or even a desk, take every single thing off the top. I did this the other day. Clean it, and then place everything back, except the stack of papers that belong in a file or the garbage, the magazines and articles you’re never going to read, and the items that do nothing but take up otherwise workable space. This will cost you no money, take about 15-20 minutes, and you will thank me. Well, not all of you…

2. Read a bunch of articles from Lee Rosen’s Divorce Discourse. Particularly read his post from August 18, 2011, on the basics of law firm financing. After you read that, put into play something that will save you money. Maybe things are slow and you can consider dropping off those filings at the courthouse yourself on your way to grab coffee with a referral source, saving yourself some money and finding a way to get outside and meet potential clients as it appears the virtual law firm is not going to be your future.

3. When you’re done reading Lee’s stuff, read this by Dave Lorenzo.

4. Gents, if you actually do meet with those people we call clients, or have a practice that requires you to leave your den, consider an important investment: a shoe shine. (Yes, I just told you to get your shoes shined.) If you’re feeling particularly interested in your appearance, go all out and get a new suit. Throw in a couple shirts and ties. A nice appearance makes you money. If you don’t understand that, find a lawyer that dresses well and ask them why. Then you can do the face palm.

5. Watch Jerry Maguire.

6. Make a list of all your clients, all your cases, all the tasks that need to be done, and which ones you don’t want to do. Can a law student do any of them? I like having law students around. They remind me of why I love being a lawyer."

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