President Obama to Visit MSU to Sign Farm Bill

Today, right in The Gallagher Law Firm's backyard, President Barack Obama will be visiting Michigan State University to sign bipartisan agricultural legislation. MSU was picked for the signing due to it's history in agricultural development and farming degree programs. Read The Detroit Free Press excerpt below for more details:

"President Barack Obama heads to East Lansing today to sign a landmark piece of agricultural legislation, but don’t be surprised if talk surrounding the event centers on more controversial subjects.

Inside, Obama may take up the subject of immigration, especially since his White House has already asked the Michigan Farm Bureau for the names of growers who want to see action on that issue.

“They understand the issue. It impacts their farms. They hire seasonal workers every year to harvest their asparagus, their apples, their cherries,” said Ryan Findlay, the Farm Bureau’s national legislative counsel, who was asked to provide five names to the Obama administration this week.

The Free Press also learned Thursday that Obama is expected to meet new Detroit Mayor Mike Duggan for the first time since Duggan officially took over the helm of the city, which is going through the largest municipal bankruptcy in U.S. history. The president will have lunch with Duggan and Don Graves, senior adviser at the President’s National Economic Council, in the Lansing area, sources familiar with the meeting said.

The president’s main event, set for 2 p.m. at the Mary Anne McPhail Equine Performance Center in East Lansing, is by invitation only. After seeing firsthand the work of agricultural researchers at Michigan State, the president is expected to deliver remarks about the importance of the farm bill, which he will sign. The U.S. Senate gave final passage to the bill this week."

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