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Handwritten, unsigned notes valid to amend trust

In In Re: Stillwell Trust, a published Michigan Court of Appeals opinion, the court discussed two issues: whether hand-written notes constituted a valid amendment to the trust, and whether a child adopted after the settlor passed away was a grandchil… Read More
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New law allows for trust decanting

Governor Rick Snyder signed legislation allowing for the practice of trust decanting, meaning assets held by an irrevocable trust may be moved into a different trust. SB 978 and 979, drafted by attorney James Spica and sponsored by Tonya Schuitmaker,… Read More
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Treasure Hoard Found by Public Administrator in Nevada

The Associated Press reported a story about a public administrator who found about 7 million dollars worth of assets hiding in a decedent’s home. A public administrator handles an estate when there is no one present or willing to serve as perso… Read More
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I learned of The Gallagher Law Firm working on a small condominium project in 2003. I was impressed with their knowledge regarding condominium laws and their ability to work with the municipality that governed the project. The Gallagher Law Firm serv…”
– G. Barish, Geodetic Designs

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